3 Plumbing Ideas to Protect Your Home from Flood and Fire

3 Plumbing Ideas to Protect Your Home from Flood and Fire


If you own a home, vacation home, investment property, or Air Bnb in the Arizona White Mountains, let me ask you a question:

Do any of these thoughts keep you up at night?

  • What if the water heater leaks?
  • What if a pipe bursts?
  • What if there's a FIRE?

If thoughts of disaster are keeping you awake at night, here are there plumbing ideas that can help ease your mind (and maybe catch some zzz's)

Swap Your Old Tank Water Heater for a Tankless

Tank water heaters can hold between 20 to 100 gallons of water in most homes. Overtime, the glass lining inside the tank will eat away, from corrosion or possible cracks that have formed due to the heating and reheating of the tank. These cracks allow water to make contact with the bare metal of the tank -causing rust. 

A leaking tank can have a slow drip - a minor puddle - to a steady stream of water damage -flooding the home. Although tank water heaters are generally found in the garage, they can also be located inside the home - such as in a laundry room or closet. Regardless, not a good place for a flood.

Shutting off your incoming line and draining your water heater every time you close down the house is the best tactic to prevent flooding. 

Want another tip? Tankless water heaters don't keep water in their tanks. All you need to do is turn the unit back on when you arrive at the home and you have hot water whenever you need it!

Install an Automatic Shutoff Valve to Prevent Flooding

Draining your water heater takes care of the leaky tank problem, but what happens if a pipe bursts? What if there's a slow drip at the ice maker or other appliance? What if someone is stealing water while you're gone?

How about installing a smart shut-off valve that can detect a water leak when you're not at the house?

Smart shutoff valves learn your water usage and can detect when there is a leak - even down to one drip per minute! You can set the valve to manual override when you don't want it to shut off - like when you have a bunch of family or friends over. 

The best part? You're able to turn off using your phone.

Bonus: Your insurance provider MIGHT have a discount available if you install it.

Install Fire Sprinklers to Protect Life and Property

While many homeowners turn off their water and drain their water heaters to prevent flooding, the threat of fire is always a concern - especially if your home is in a wildland area.

Fires are a leading cause of home damage and property loss, second only to flooding. Currently in Arizona, there is no requirement to install residential fire sprinklers in new construction homes. Too bad, since home fires can lead to devastating loss, displacement, and potentially set off other wildland fires if they're not contained - ESPECIALLY up here in the White Mountains...

Installing fire sprinklers during your new construction project is best - but most of us live in preexisting homes. In that case, installing sprinklers may be a tad more difficult - however, if you have a vacation home or Air Bnb, it might be a good idea to better protect your investment.

Retrofitting your home with fire sprinklers IS possible. And again, it MIGHT be something your insurance provider will offer a discount for...

Protect Your Investment - and Keep Your Family, Friends, and Guests Safe

No one wants to wake up to flood or fire. By installing some precautions, you can provide your family or guests a little piece of mind while they're staying in your vacation home. 

And maybe stop keeping yourself awake at night, too.

Looking to install a tankless water heater, automatic shutoff valve, or fire sprinklers in your home? Call White Mountain Water Heaters TODAY at 928-245-1343. 

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