How Much Time Have You WASTED Trying to Hire a Plumber?

Ask ANY resident of the White Mountains what their NUMBER ONE Complaint is regarding plumbers, contractors, or "handymen" and they'll ALL tell you:
"I can't get anyone to SHOW UP!"
This is often punctuated with "Nobody answers their phone!"
Or, "Nobody does their JOB!"
The old residents call it "Mountain Time" - and it's simply an excuse for lazy workers.
Does this sound familiar? Are you tired of hearing it?
So are we.
White Mountain Water Heaters IS COMMITTED - ABOVE ALL ELSE - to providing THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE to those who help keep our doors open, our lights on, and our trucks running: You.
When You call our phone, WE WILL ANSWER!
When You schedule an appointment, WE WILL BE THERE!
And when You pay us to do a job, WE WILL DO THE JOB!
Let's put an end to the sad excuse called "Mountain Time" and put SERVICE FIRST!