What is a Hot Water Recirculation Line?

A Hot Water Recirculation Line- or, "Recirc Line" for short - is an extension of your hot water piping that "loops" back to your water heater and re-enters the hot water system.

How Does a Recirculation Line Work?

Hot water in the pipes is circulated by a small electric pump during periods of higher hot water use in the home - such as mornings and evenings.

The recirculating hot water re-enters the water heater, keeping the temperature of the water higher than the incoming cold water line.

  • Benefit #1

    The recirculation pump constantly moves hot water through the pipes, thereby increasing the SPEED at which you get hot water to the tap!

  • Benefit #2

    Because hot water is REFILLING the tank along with cold- it takes LESS TIME and ENERGY to re-heat - giving your water heater that "on-demand" feel.

  • Benefit #3

    Hot water re-entering the water heater helps you get MORE HOT WATER without having to increase the tank size.

Who Should Get a Hot Water Recirculation Line?

Everyone! Hot water recirc lines are a proven and effective way to improve the efficiency of your tank or tankless water heater!

Recirc lines are especially helpful to homeowners and businesses who don't have a tankless. They can get more capacity, better speed, improved efficiency out of their tank water heater - for a FRACTION OF THE COST of installing a tankless!

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