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    Electric Tank Water Heater

    Nominal 40-50 Gallons

    250V Service Required

    Delivered and Installed

    Starting @ $1999

    Price Includes Water Heater, Trip Charge, Installation, Code Modifications, and Disposal of Old Unit

    1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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    LP or NG Tank Water Heater

    Nominal 40-50 Gallons

    LP or NG Service Required

    Delivered and Installed

    Starting @ $1999

    Price Includes Water Heater, Trip Charge, Installation, Code Modifications, and Disposal of Old Unit

    1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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  • Efficiency

    Modern tank water heaters are far more efficient with energy useage and maintaining heat in the tank - which means no more wrapping with fiberglass!

  • Easy to Repair

    Tank water heaters are easier to repair when compared to their cramped tankless counterparts. Spare parts can be purchased at any hardware store. And the YouTube videos are plentiful!

  • Price

    The fact is, tank water heater installation is at least 50% LESS than the cost of tankless.

  • Electric Option Available

    For those who don't have natural gas or propane piped into your home, the only option you have are electric and solar. Electric tank water heaters are tried and true method of getting hot water.

Learn About Storage Tank Water Heater Ownership

Frequently Asked Questions About Tank Water Heaters

How Long Will Storage Tank Water Heaters Typically Last?

Manufacturers of traditional Tank Water Heaters usually have a warranty of around 5 years. 5 to 7 is usually the range most plumbers will suggest for usability. However, I have seen PLENTY of storage tank water heaters that can last 10, 15, even 20+ years! It's all a matter of how well you take care of them.

I have a Gas Water Heater - BUT, I want to Switch to Electric

We can help you make the switch to an electric water heater

Which is Better? Gas or Electric?

I know Hank Hill isn't gonna like this answer, but honestly, I prefer electric. It's safer. The electrodes heat the water instead of heating the tank. There isn't an "elevation rating" for electric water heaters. And I think they're easier to maintain as well. That being said, both have their place.

How Do I Know When I Should Replace My Tank Water Heater?

Regardless if your tank water heater is gas or electric - if your tank water heater is making noises when heating - bubbling, gurgling, popping sounds -it may be a sign of internal tank damage. If there is dirty, brown water coming out of the hot side, it could be a sign of rust - tank damage. If the T&P safety valve has ever popped or is leaking - having to do with heat and pressure. Or, if the tank is leaking- it's time for a new unit.

Let's Talk Water Heater Options

The old Stand-By Storage Tank Water Heater has come a LONG way in 100+ Years. With New Technology Comes New Products!

Get Your Gas or Electric Tank Water Heater Replaced

We usually install Bradford White Tank Water Heaters for all Electrical and Fuel Gas applications. Bradford White offers industry leading engineering - along with a 6 Year Fully Transferable Warranty AND Accreditation from the Plumbing Heating and Cooling Contractors Association.

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A Water Heater That Might Last Longer Than You

Got Hard, Corrosive Water? Are you changing out water heaters every few years? Rheem's Marathon is an electric water heater BUILT TO LAST. It features a polymer tank - that requires NO ANODE RODE- offers superior insulation of stored water - and even has Dryfire Protection that prevents the electrodes from burning out. All of this comes with a LIFETIME warranty! 40, 50, and 80 gallon tanks available!

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The Future of Tank Water Heaters

For those of you who don't have gas service but still want "Endless" Hot Water - Check This Out! Essency builds On Demand, Electric Tank Water Heaters - Using the Stored Water in it's polymer tank as a "Battery," Water is heated On Demand- Offering up to 80 Gallons of Water for the First Hour - All From a 50 Gallon Tank! On top of that, Essency offers a 6 Year "All Parts" Warranty - and a 20 Year Warranty on the Tank!

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  • Jamie L. - Concho, AZ

    White Mountain Water Heaters removed and replaced our propane gas water heater to electric. Now I don't have to worry about gas leaks. Great job!

  • Margaret R. - Taylor, AZ

    After a major flood in my new home (due to the builder's improperly installed water heater), these guys were the ones I trusted to fix the leak right!

  • Jennifer R. - Show Low, AZ

    Thank you, White Mountain Water Heaters, for my new tankless water heater. I love taking long showers - and my husband loves the jacuzzi tub! Thanks again!

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