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Hot Water Recirculation Pumps

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Fun Fact #1: Over the course of one year (using hot water ten times per day) the estimated amount of time most people spend waiting for the water to get hot is approximately 72 hours!

Fun Fact #2: Over the course of that same year, the estimated amount of water most people WASTE WHILE WAITING for hot water is approximately 11,500 GALLONS!

So, What Can You Do to Prevent Wasted Water and Wasted Time?

Solution: Hot Water Recirculation 

A Hot Water Recirculation Line is a continuation of your hot water line that reroutes the hot water from your furthest fixture back to your water heater. A pump attached to your water heater keeps the hot water moving through the pipes to prevent it from cooling off (causing that cold burst when you open the faucet) and keeps the hot water at the ready.

As the pump runs, the hot water is pushed through your pipes and then reintroduced into the heater where it gets warmed up to temp and ready for the next use. 

Many houses being built around Show Low, Lakeside, and Pinetop are including a dedicated hot water return line in their plumbing system - particularly if your home has hydronic heating. (If yours isn't, talk to your builder!) 

Having a dedicated return line IS THE BEST option for hot water recirculation! 


Well, there's a couple of solutions for that...

The first is, install one. If your house has a crawl space or attic that is relatively accesible, we can run a return line through those areas and get you set up that way.


Introducing a "Crossover" Recirculation Line! This handy system uses your homes existing plumbing to reroute hot water. 

A special crossover valve is installed at the furthest fixture - usually under a bathroom sink.

The valve allows hot water to "crossover" into the cold water line, and the cold water line is used to recirculate the hot water.

Crazy, huh?

This makes installation of a hot water recirculation line incredibly easy and affordable for EVERYONE OWNING a tank or tankless water heater.